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Fitness Screening

What Is A Fitness Screening?

The first step toward achieving your fitness goals begins with an in-depth look at your starting point. Our fitness assessment is designed to allow our trainers to gain specific insights into how a person's body moves today, based on the individual's exercise and injury history, while qualifying their current lifestyle habits. Gathering this information is essential for us to begin your training process here at Precision.

What To Expect


What Do We Do

  • Body weight
  • Skinfold measurement
  • Tape measurement for body circumference

Why Do We Do It

Whether your goal is weight loss, muscle gain, a lifestyle change, or performance improvement, physiological progress can be specifically measured and should be regularly. Our coaches do not require people to take these biometric measurements in order to train at Precision; however, it is helpful to know where you’re starting so we can gauge if you’re making progress.

Movement Screening

What Do We Do

During a Comprehensive Movement Screening, our coaches measure the level of extensibility (flexibility) of the muscles responsible for performing basic functional movements. We assess the integrity of the hip and shoulder joints, as well as the wrists, ankles, and knees to qualify the range of motion that your whole body is capable of as the sum of its parts.

Why Do We Do It

Each person is theoretically comprised of the same configuration of bone and tissue. However, each person’s ability to move is influenced by their specific muscular tightness. Understanding your physiological profile allows us to most safely and effectively program and coach your movement.

Joint Stability

What Do We Do

We assess your ability to sense and stabilize the primary joints responsible for movement – the shoulder and hip girdles. Our methods of assessment vary based on each individual. Your specific movement patterns are affected by your injury and exercise history. Our goal is to understand the limits of your range of motion (ROM) prior to designing workouts for you.

Why We Do It

Qualifying your posture as well as your ability (or inability) to acquire full range of motion in your shoulders and hips is essential for our coaches to know what movements are safest and most appropriate for you. This data allows us to ascertain where to begin when teaching you how to move confidently and efficiently.


What Do We Do

Our coaches observe the raw mechanics of your body moving through space. We then highlight specific points of performance and observe your ability to adjust your movement accordingly. We understand how you move today so we can help you move better tomorrow.

Why Do We Do It

Our Comprehensive Movement Analysis encapsulates the information gathered throughout the initial phases of the Fitness Screening. By understanding how each component of the body works together to perform functional movements, as well as your brain’s ability to connect to and control your musculature, we can identify specific and measurable starting points for your training and pinpoint the safest and most efficient means of improving your movement.

Core Activation

What Do We Do

The core activation assessment tests your ability to contract your core musculature through a couplet of isometric exercises. Through the use of isometrics (squeezing a muscle without moving it), we can assess your ability to stabilize your body – utilizing your core – in various positions.

Why Do We Do This

Movement originates from core to extremity. Knowing the extent to which your core can activate and maintain contraction will allow us to gauge how to design a personalized, safe, and effective workout for you every time.


What Do We Do

The Fitness Screening closes with the Cardiovascular Endurance Assessment. In order to safely gauge your cardiovascular endurance, our team has designed a basic set of metrics that challenge fitness levels from beginner to most-advanced. We note not only the speed at which the work is completed, but the quality of the movement when comparing the first repetition to the final one.

Why We Do It

This assessment allows us to quantify your cardiovascular endurance and peak performance, as well as qualify your ability to maintain proper form from start to finish. In combination with your training goals as well as your exercise and injury history, our coaches will make a recommendation for which training program may suit you best.

How To Prepare

Our 1,600 square foot training facility is kept clean by the combined effort of our staff and cooperation of our members. We request that our members as well as our prospective new members carry in their gym shoes and change into them upon arrival. Our gym offers every member and prospective member cold, purified water; fresh, clean towels; private changing rooms, as well as a safe place to store your belongings. Expect to sweat, so dress appropriately for a light to moderate-intensity workout.

Apparel Suggestions:

  • Gym shorts or yoga pants
  • Athletic top or T-shirt
  • Training or running shoes preferred
  • Sports bras for ladies

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