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Keith Gulliford

Keith Gulliford, Personal Trainer

Keith Gulliford


Growing up in the South West of England, Sport was a huge part of Keith’s life from a very early age. Playing Soccer, Rugby and Cricket throughout Junior and High school kept Keith fit year round. However, it was his love of the racket sport Squash during his late teens and throughout his twenties that forged Keith’s competitive edge for sporting competition, playing in State divisions for his local Squash club.

A snapped right cruciate ligament during a weekend soccer match brought any aspirations to take Squash to higher levels to an end, but ultimately proved to be the turning point in Keith’s career. Lacking the mobility for quick turns and the “start-stop” nature of both squash and soccer, Keith turned his attention to Long Distance / Half Marathon running and the eventual rehabilitation of his damaged knee.

During his enforced sabbatical from sport, Keith helped manage and coach the soccer team he’d once played for, and found that putting together training sessions proved as rewarding as any game he’d ever played in. A 2 year National Diploma In Personal Training followed, along with certifications in Advanced Resistance and Cardio Techniques, Functional Resistance and Sports Specific Training, Nutrition, Weight Management, Active Aging, Advanced Kettlebell Instructor, Metabolic Technician, TRX and his most recent achievements of Level 1 Cross Fit Instructor and Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach.

Since arriving in America just over 6 years ago, Keith has spent his time building a reputation at multiple high end Chicago gyms and Crossfit Boxes as an extremely knowledgable Personal Trainer and Coach that designs fun, challenging and varied workout sessions for his clients. His attention to form detail and safe body mechanics is his stand out quality and he believes that retraining the body to work functionally as one, and how it was designed, is the secret to overcome any sporting, athletic and lifestyle challenges a person will face, and will ultimately reap the biggest rewards.

Keith had this to say:

“It’s been an absolute pleasure to have been welcomed Into the Precision Training Family. Being surrounded by like minded people, amazing, knowledgeable Training staff and a unique facility such as the one Wade and Joanna have created has allowed me to flourish as a coach and as a person. I love everything about my time here and I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to continue my passion to change lives for the better. Everyone associated with Precision should be as proud as I am to have this as the place where amazing things can happen, not only to their body and mind, but to their lives.”