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The Team

Building a community of strong people –
one individual at a time.

Precision Training is much more than a mold-cast fitness guild. We exist to redefine the “dad bod”, make moms strong, help firefighters, teachers, nurses, and accountants experience a new level of vitality and strength through disciplined, personalized training programs and group classes.  At Precision you will find exceptional support, not only from our coaches, but from the community of Precision members.

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If You Want To Do It Better, Do It Here


You can sweat at any gym. But it’s likely your fitness goals don’t end at droplets on a mat or sweat-stained workout clothes. You want results. Whether you’re a working professional or parent who has slipped into a lethargic, unhealthy lifestyle, or a Division 1 athlete looking to increase your output, your fitness goals may vary greatly from the client we just trained or the fellow participants in the group personal training you’re joining. The point is, they are YOUR goals and we’re here to help you achieve them. At Precision we recognize that living your best life doesn’t stop with an exercise program, it also requires developing healthy nutritional habits and a positive, goal-oriented mindset. We will help you with the right combination to reach YOUR goals.

What Sets Us Apart

The Precision Process


Your goals may not be defined on day 1, but our process for helping you become your best you will be. Our training process begins with a thorough assessment of your current fitness, mobility, range of motion, body awareness, nutrition, and mindset so we can guide you toward a new level of fitness vitality and strength.
Personal Trainer and Athlete in Schaumburg, IL

Excellent atmosphere to train. Wade and staff are top quality that keeps it fun while challenging you to push your limits. You learn all aspects of what it is to be fit and how to achieve your goals.

The Beard

Precision Training is one of the best facilities I’ve trained at. All of the coaches are extremely knowledgeable, take time to get to know each athlete on a personal and professional level, and have exceptional programming in each workout that will push you to be stronger and the best version of yourself.

Talya K

Precision is the best place I've ever trained. The atmosphere is so supportive and friendly, the trainers really know their stuff. They work hard to identify your goals and provide the right training to help you get results. What sets Precision apart from other gyms is the personalized attention - no cookie cutter approach here!

Pat W

Hands down the best fitness community I’ve worked out in. The team at Precision is A+. They have motivated me to a level I never thought possible. From coaching you to ignore the “I can’t do it” voice in your head to nutrition they offer a comprehensive healthy lifestyle approach to fitness. If you are are looking for the best trainers, a judgement free community and a customized approach to getting healthy then you have no reason to go anywhere else!

Ben T

The gym itself is clean and organized, the equipment is top of the line and the trainers are high quality talented individuals. In the time I have been training at Precision, I have increased my strength, lost body fat, and gained endurance. These trainers genuinely care about their clients and work hard to help them reach their goals.

Katrina H

I have confidently increased weight in Olympic Lifts knowing that I am being closely monitored for correct form and stopped when necessary, before I am injured. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Precision Training to anyone who is ready to get serious about getting leaner, faster, stronger and healthier!

Doug R